What is Style….

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Good question. You can ask 100 people what style is, and I bet you get 100 different answers. You can look it up in the dictionary, Google it, and read every quote said by fashion designer and fashionista’s… but will you have an answer?  Probably not, because style is personal it’s not about trends, the latest shoe or what Cover Girl is claiming to be the hottest lipstick of the season.


Twice a year the fashion industry sends us in a world wind waiting to see whats going to be hot come next season, some sit eagerly anticipating the next issue of Lucky Magazine to see the seasons must haves. Does this make you stylish? No, its makes you fashionable. Understanding your personal style is knowing who you are…


Fashion – vs – Style

Fashion: 1.the way in which a thing is done or made. 2: the kinds of clothes popular at a certain time.

Style: 1. manner of doing anything. 2. a way of writing, painting etc, by which works of art can be recognized as the work of a particular artist, school or period. 3. a fashion 4. elegance


Like with most things, either you have it or you don’t. We all come packaged with our own personal style, my package doesn’t look like yours and yours doesn’t look like mine. We can buy the same out fit, same store, same designer but it’s our individual style that will set us apart and give a different vide to what is the same, this my friends is called personal style.


Live, Love, Laugh and always Look Fabulous!


Monica Morris


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